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Removable dentures can be made to replace multiple teeth.


At times, teeth are damaged beyond repair or may need to be removed for orthodontic or preventative reasons. Teeth that are removed may leave unsightly gaps or lead to loss of function. They can often be restored with an implant and implant crown or a bridge.

Root Canals

Damaged nerves in a tooth can lead to severe pain and or damage to surrounding bone. Root canals remove the damaged or infected nerve from inside the tooth and replace it with a filling material called gutta percha. A crown is often required on teeth that have had a root canal to prevent future fracture.


Missing teeth can be replaced by attaching an artificial tooth to crowns placed on teeth neighboring the gap. Unsightly gaps can be eliminated resulting in enhanced chewing ability and a better appearance.

Implant Crowns

We can also fabricate crowns to restore missing teeth. After a specialist places an implant, a special titanium screw in the location of the missing tooth, we can fabricate a new tooth to be placed over the implant to restore function and esthetics.


in Cases where a tooth has broken or is decayed in such a way that a filling is just not strong enough to repair it, a crown can be fabricated to restore the damaged tooth. A crown covers the entire tooth to restore strength, function and a pleasing appearance to the damaged tooth.