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When small parts of the tooth begin to decay it gets soft and can begin to break. We can remove this weak portion of the tooth and repair it with tooth colored composite fillings.

Teeth Whitening

In office Whitening Whitening gel is applied to the teeth and a special light is used to activate and speed up the whitening process while you sit in a comfortable chair in our office. Custom Tray Whitening Whitening gel is applied at home in custom fabricated trays. A full treatment takes 1-2 hours a day […]

Preventative Procedures

Preventative Procedures to maintain dental health include: Dental Cleanings – Help remove hard calculus that brushing and flossing can’t. Digital X-Rays – Help detect small cavities that can’t be seen in a visual exam Examinations – Visual inspection of hard and soft tissues and review of any X-Rays Mouth-guards – Help prevent grinding away of […]